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Interactive White Board

In olden days, the class room was a boring proposition for the students because most of the sessions were not interactive. Yawning faces, sleepy eyes were some of the common sights that encountered teachers resulting in lower motivation. With the arrival of the interactive-white-board is possible to completely redefine the teaching process because students can also actively participate in the training session.

Numerous capabilities of white board promote it to the league of a different technology. It is studded with the ability to capture the drawing or the notes of the computer screen. Besides, the screen could be easily projected on the white board surface without any hassles. Infra red touch is a very important attribute of the interactive white board. Input could be entered by using the touch screen and people would instantly get the output. They are very popular in classes and students are able to get maximum benefits. In modern internet era, the concept of online classes has caught the imagination of the users. People can sit miles away from the teacher and attend lessons from the confines of their house. They are provided support across different time zones. The entire lesson is broadcasted on the computer and students listen to the voice of the teacher. Simultaneously they can see what is happening on the white board and learn the different concepts.

Interactive-white-board is well endowed with the additional capabilities to create video that could be used for later use. People can download and listen to the session according to their requirements and specifications. One can ask questions from the teacher and brain storm on various concepts. It would help to raise the bar for the students and there would be a better participation very similar to the real class room. Interactive-white-board allows the integration of voice, video and graphics with the lessons. As compared to computers, white board is a better option because it can cover the entire class with a single device. It is suitable for the learners of all ages and would go a long way in providing impeccable results. Anything which is drawn on Interactive-white-board could be saved on to the computer so that it is used for reference in the near future. Contents from different websites and blogs could be projected onto the screen ensuring learning at every stage of the session.

White boards are used in conventional laptops and computers because they enhance modeling and presentation. Teachers can make use of the class room resources effectively and motivate the students to communicate with them. In companies, they are often used for making sales presentation, staff training and conduct briefings. Video conferencing is also an important part of the interactive white board. Although buying the device initially might be expensive, it can prove to be fruitful in the long run since cots of education is drastically lowered. For instance, people do not need to attend real class room training session thereby saving money on transport. Multiple windows are opened on the white board and the presenter can move from one document to another ensuring that listeners understand what is being explained.

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